My name is Yellie Alkema, I am project manager and advisor in the broad sense of the word. I have contributed to the realization of new neighborhoods, solutions for issues related to traffic and transport, wind energy projects at sea and dozens of other initiatives. The key here is sustainability. That the world needs, we can not continue to choke. Substantial steps must be taken to pursue change in the area of CO2 policy, energy-neutral construction, a better environment in general.

In 2007 I founded my own company SYARK. SYARK offers me the opportunity to use my knowledge, skills, experience and network for new sustainable projects. I organize my network, chair meetings, listen to the people involved, wy and weigh and come up with solutions. In addition, I not only ensure that ideas are realized and deadlines are met, but perhaps even more important is the development of often comprehensive plans smooth and efficient. I also write a project plan, subsidy proposal or new policy. Yet this is only serving the process. A plan that no one is behind is just a piece of paper. Because I am a generalist, I can bring people together with very different ideas and experiences. Where, of course, enthusiasm and a positive attitude are paramount.

In my opinion, a project is never cast in steel, because the world is also constantly changing. Everyone wants to see results at the end of the process. That only works if the people involved are enthusiastic and bring out the best in themselves. That is not only an individual but also a group process. I keep a close eye on that. I notice that clients like it that I can think conceptually and come up with surprising twists and that can perfectly match the standing policy and the intended goal.

Working on a sustainable world only works if you do things that bring you joy.

Photo: Henk Veenstra Photography.